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I know, I know... It's been FOREVER and a day since I've written a post. Many of my friends and colleagues have been wondering if I died or something. 

Never fear, both Patti and I are alive and well. It has been an adjustment learning how to handle my work and travel schedule while managing to be an engaged and doting father though! Sadly, it hasn't left much time for blogging but that is changing now.

I wanted to share with you something we are both very proud of... Mom's newly completed master bathroom reno! Like most of our work for the past 5 years it was a collaborative undertaking and as usual, all the better for it.

View from the door with shower on the left, vanities on the right and tub & washlet ahead
I did the layouts and configuration of the space over three years ago and selected & ordered all the cabinetry and fixtures from Spain. The original tile selection was done at the same time but since it was an older collection, it was reselected this year by Patti. I was consulted but cannot, unfortunately take all the credit. 

Only now that her travel has slowed finally, was she able to tackle a project of this magnitude. I for one, think it was worth the wait!

Thanks to the clean and simple products Porcelanosa has to offer, I'm proud to say this is my favourite design project I've ever completed. And there couldn't be a more fitting space for this oasis than in the abode of the Queen of Tile herself Patti Fasan. 

After countless interviews she settled on a GC and got to work. Bob Walton and his crew from ProActive were instrumental in all phases of the process and an absolute delight to work with. Anyone that knows Patti understands that she demands a lot from herself and likewise of the people that work with her- the ProActive team were up to the challenge every step of the way.
The side-by-side 'Neo' Vanities by Gama Decor are unified with a seamless piece of Misty Cararra honed Caesarstone
The Gama Decor cabinetry is simple, timeless & still punchy in Roblé Brezo wood finish with lacquered Rojo Brillo inserts. All faucets in the space are a matched set from Noken's Irta collection
Irta tub filler with shower wand & the + shelves from Neo collection above the washlet
All slab fabrication and install was done locally by the Tolusso family at Atlas Stone.  Furnishing beautiful seamless slabs of Ceasarstone's Organic White with a simple eased edge. When Mom compromised and decided to forego the expense of buying two slabs of material and compromise on 2 seams in the tub deck, the Tolusso boys quietly acceded but then went ahead and did the right thing for the design by providing a seamless piece at their own expense. Tell me that's not the quality of service that you want on your next project. When the slab arrived in one solid piece instead of 4 it literally brought tears to a few eyes.

The multi-function washlet does for you more than most smartphones & dovetails perfectly with the squared-off modern style of the rest of the fittings in the space. For this little beauty Mom turned to Philippe Starck's third collection for Duravit
SensoWash seat from the Starck 3 collection by Duravit
I can't forget the tile can I!!?? The flat tile on walls & floor is Madagascar Natural in a 13x39" & 17x26" format respectively with the corresponding accent tile Ona Natural 13x39" on the tub skirt, shower accents and vanity wall.

The only natural stone used in the whole design is Mosaico Moon from L'Antic Colonial in Marmara Blanco for the shower base.

All tiles, fixtures & cabinetry were supplied by Fontile Kitchen & Bath, the distributor where both Mom & I got our start in this wonderful industry. Staying true to our roots in the industry I hooked mom up with my old tile setting crew where I apprenticed, Behren's Marble & Tile. Christoph Behrens himself did the install and was as meticulous as I remembered. The workmanship is exemplary.

The only heat-source aside from the towel warmer is a radiant heat system designed by NuHeat controlled by their programmable Tempo thermostat.
Marmara Blanco Mosaico Moon
KERDI-LINE Drain unit
The shower base is completed by Schluter System's KERDI-LINE drain unit to handle the torrential downpour created by the rain-shower's floppily-jillion nozzles.

The entire shower unit is based on Schluter's Shower System with KERDI-BOARD, seams & drain units all supplied by Ames Tile & Stone.

The afore mentioned shower is called the Imagine shower from Porcelanosa's System Pool

Of course all this work couldn't be completed without a highly accomplished plumber. Travis Molzahn from Groundswell Mechanical like the rest of the trades on this project went above and beyond to pull off this intricate design.

Imagine I'm your shower... It's easy if you try
Great shot of the fine grained stainless, offset by the accent detail in the shower
I hope you enjoyed the welcome back post and it's a fitting place to re-start my blogging for the world of ceramics. I am once again on my way back to Spain this week to visit Porcelanosa and the rest of the Tile of Spain manufacturers. Off to see their 2013 Novelties and then back to Valencia for the Cevisama Fair with ASCER, the Spanish Trade Commission and this year's contingent of American A&D professionals & journalists. I'm sure it will be another amazing trip filled with great food, people & TILE!

I can't wait to see what the industry has in store for us again this year and yes, I will make sure to share it with you all before another year goes by without a post from patti-tile. 

Thanks for sticking around and understanding when a guy's just gotta be a Dad and make that his priority. Claire is rapidly approaching 2 now and I'm finding my balance again so expect more from me in the coming months. 

...She says hi to you all btw

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