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Now that the first major tile fair of the year has come and gone I really can’t neglect the blog  anymore. I’m sure you will forgive my protracted absence, with my travel schedule I find my new daughter so much more compelling than the LCD screen of my laptop- but I digress.

Cersaie, the international tile and bathroom fair in Bologna Italy came a week early this year and as usual didn’t disappoint.  As the next couple weeks go on I will be doing my usual overview of trends and innovations but I thought I’d intersperse it this year with some manufacturer spotlights. The first of which is the trifecta of awesomeness that is Land, Aparici & Apavisa from Tile of Spain.

Last year, Land’s colossal basket-weave installation of warped slim porcelain drew nearly every eye at the show but Apavisa had the show-stopper this time. All three company booths featured the bent, stretched and warped material that has become an industry phenomenon as well as their dry-pressed & rectified Hexagonal tile. More on that material in an older post HERE.

In a patented firing process the group is able to take tile to a new level. The magic of the kiln transforms the flat greenware bisque into a 3 dimensional marvel. This process can be applied to any of the slim material produced by each company. Taking ceramics from a cladding material into true art installations.

Which was in fact the premise of Apavisa’s booth this year. The booth was titled ‘ART GALLERY’ and it truly read like a beautifully staged and curated exhibition of modern art. From installations evoking sculptures to tapestries each area of the booth challenged the viewer to re-think the traditional hum-drum kitchen and bath installations of ceramic tile. Proposing ceramics to be exactly what they have become over the past few years- art.    

Amazing right? Let us know what you think.

... And that's simply a few of the amazing shots I got from their booths at the show. I LOVE the opportunity to go to Cersaie every year. Many thanks go out to Tile of Spain for sending me there, these trips never fail to rekindle my passion for ceramics. Stay tuned for more on Cersaie 2011 and more manufacturer spotlights.
10/07/2011 08:31

Wow, spectacular!

08/01/2012 03:54

The blog is related to the land and the tiles of different designs.I like the blog post to read.Thanks a lot.

11/10/2011 16:04

Our office is enjoying the fantastic pix! But we are all curious how you adhere the tile without seeing the thinset.... if you even use thinset.

11/11/2011 12:48

Thanks for the comment Jennifer. I had the same question for them at the fair. Most of the modules are more than 90% flat ensuring they can have acceptable coverage in most applications. And yes, that is thinset coverage.

Perhaps I should have linked the series catalog in this post. The series is called ARCHCONCEPT and you can find the PDF here which may help you visualize how the different modules work.

In the case of "curve" to which you are referring I think, the maximum coverage is 50% with the flat areas on either end of the tile. This is meant as a decorative finish and not a technical solution for demanding environments.

For "bend" module there is very little flat surface area so thinset would have to fill in the entire back for most installations.

The other application proposed for these amazing tiles is mechanically fastened ventilated facades where thinset coverage is not an issue.

There is no question that these tiles require some creative thinking on the part of the designers and installers but that, I think, was the whole point.

11/17/2013 23:38


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